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Current Version

Current Version 3.0.4:



Previous Version 3.0.3:

Released: April, 2014 (All countries)

  • Cleaner and Slicker redesign.
  • Added Calculator button which also includes length converter (convert inches to cm etc.)
  • Added convenient link to currency conversion in the tools button.
  • Change countries now easily in options.
  • SECURE updates


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Latest FOXtion eBay screenshot Version 3.03

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If you haven’t installed FOXtion before choose the Worldwide version.

This version contains all countries (including countries that have been available as separate installs)
It is advisable if you have one of the countries listed below that you remove that version and install the
worldwide version as the separate country versions will be slowly phased out.
It is easy to change your country option
If you do not know how to uninstall an addon, or want to know where you can edit your country options
click here for a tutorial….tutorial link (there is a link on that page back here)

When you click the Download Button a little yellow bar will appear at the top of the page you need to click allow for the install


FOXtion (worldwide) - Version:3.0.3
-Downloaded 3294 times -xpi File Size 44.59 KB
Latest release April, 2014 Firefox 2.5 - 28.0 eBay for all countries, Australia, UK, USA, Ireland, France, Belgium, Canada and more

FOXtion (Australia) - Version:3.0.2
-Downloaded 684 times -xpi File Size 43.88 KB
Latest release August, 2014Firefox 2.5 - 28.0

FOXtionUS (USA) - Version:3.0.2
-Downloaded 641 times -xpi File Size 43.85 KB
Latest release August, 2014 Firefox 2.5 - 28.0 ebay for USA

FOXtionUK (United Kingdom) - Version:3.0.2
-Downloaded 608 times -xpi File Size 43.89 KB
Latest release August, 2014Firefox 2.5 - 28.0

FOXtionCA (Canada) - Version:3.0.2
-Downloaded 595 times -xpi File Size 42.91 KB
Latest release August, 2014Firefox 2.5 - 28.0

FOXtionIE (Ireland) - Version:3.0.2
-Downloaded 557 times -xpi File Size 43.85 KB
Latest release August, 2014Firefox 2.5 - 28.0